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Bathroom Designs in Seattle

T’s-to-remember for Small Bathroom Designs to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

1. Tiny-Top-Tip: Keep Your Colors and Paint Light and Bright

You may be inspired to combine wood and light colors inside your space. The wood floor will give your small bathroom a warm and serene feeling. And soft hue effects will reflect natural light from the windows. It will transform and open up space and will allow maximum light to enter.

2. Tiny-Top-Tip:  Or Double Down on Dark Color

Dark colors give depth and create an illusion of a larger space. You may go with a super dark color using a high-gloss material, so its hue will give off and impart a big-night-sky effect. It will also bounce the little light you have around the space. 

3. Tiny-Top-Tip: Mirror a Wall 

Aside from just hanging one above the vanity or sink, you may consider mirroring a whole wall of your tiny bathroom. The reflection of light, colors, patterns, and, sometimes, your door will do the same good work a window does.

4. Tiny-Top-Tip: Incorporate Multiple Mirrors

If mirroring an entire wall won’t work in your space, you can just add multiple mirrors to one wall. This will still add the illusion of openness in the whole area.

5. Tiny-Top-Tip: Opt for a Glass Shower Door

If you’re starting your small bathroom design, put glass shower doors, as it will help to open up space.

6. Tiny-Top-Tip: Or Remove Your Shower Door Completely

The slightly more adventurous might even consider no shower door at all (a suitable drain is wise in that case).

7. Tiny-Top-Tip: Backlight the Mirror

It is a chic and modern way to amplify light. This sconces a simple, minimalistic look.”

8. Tiny-Top-Tip: Take On Tile

Ceramic tiles would best fit your small bathroom. It is a durable way to add impact and can be used from floor to ceiling. These are also less expensive on bathroom walls.

9. Tiny-Top-Tip: Give the Curtain a Lift

If you have the luxury of choosing where your shower curtain goes, take the fabric all the way up past the usual height of the tub. Doing so will undoubtedly elongate the walls. 

10. Tiny-Top-Tip: Install a Pocket Door

Though this trick is a little more labor-intensive, replacing your door with a pocket door that tucks away into the wall can open up room for additional storage. This may also be the perfect spot to hang your towels.

11. Tiny-Top-Tip: Keep the Floor Clear

Covering the floor with a vanity or storage containers can create a cramped space, not to mention tripping hazards. A pedestal or floating sink keeps the floor clear, and installing floating storage will help keep everything you need at arm’s length.

12. Tiny-Top-Tip: Try a Large-Scale Wall Covering

You may find medium-and-large-scale wallpapers and tile patterns that can make space feel larger. Whether you choose big tiles or an even bigger pattern, they’ll both give an illusionary scale in tight quarters.

13. Tiny-Top-Tip: Upgrade Your Bathroom Accessories

Patterned towels, vintage rugs, and sophisticated lighting also add pops of personality. These lighting and bath fixtures are like the jewelry of the room. They will bring a little glamour into space.

14.Tiny-Top-Tip: Opt for a Patterned Floor

You may use tall mirrored medicine cabinets and a glass shower to amplify light from the interior fixtures, brightening up space. It gives the illusion of a larger and warmer bath.

15. Tiny-Top-Tip: Install a Skylight

Your bathroom may be renovated with a mosaic of grey tiles, washbasin, shower, and skylight. This is one of the more ambitious small bathroom ideas, but it will make a major impact. Indeed, once you install a skylight, your entire bathroom will open up. And most significantly, it brightens the space.

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