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Brilliant Bathroom Accessories Seattle Ideas to Inspire a Complete Makeover

This is a fresh batch of budget-friendly bathroom decor Seattle ideas that could make a difference. So you could finally do that major bathroom design upgrade that you needed. These accessories would give a chic feel; and are less inexpensive. 

1. Take out that Oversized Map

Were you planning to pull-through that boho-inspired makeover for too long now? To complete that look, play with oversized maps. You may have it painted, customized, or printed in digital forms. It would surely pop against your bathroom walls, and it will pull the look of the fixtures together.

2. Play with patterns and colors

Go for a fresh and vibrant look and add patterned wallpapers. It comes in all sizes, colors, and designs.

You may also add graphic floral wallpaper, which works exceptionally well in any bathroom space.

And, you can never go wrong with colors, so whether it's patterned plates or a pretty print — dictate your color palette! Always look for a mold- and mildew-resistant paint formula that stands up to humid conditions.

Bathroom Accessories Seattle

4. Go green and clean

It is always the best thing to do inside any space - to add something green! So, add lush plants, and colorful rugs. You may put unexpected treatments to your windows. This can make the bathroom feel as decorative, organized, and clean as ever.

5. No hustle with enough storages 

To maximize the whole space, put your favorite bath salts on display by the shelves. Transfer them into clear decorative bottles to add a relaxing effect. It is an instant decor!

Also, a simple bathroom shelf across the tub provides a function. It could become a perch for fresh flowers and a scented candle. And if you would like to relax with a glass of wine, you may just tuck it there.

As you plan to do all the prepping-and-make-up inside your bathroom, make sure to have enough closet in sight. You can keep rolled bath and hand towels inside functional cabinetry.

Wheeled-cart storage can also be helpful in organizing your bathroom necessities. You may put toiletries and undergarments separately on the shelves. 

You may also take pretty cosmetics out and display them as decor on clear floating shelves.

Lastly, go smart with having extra shelving in the entire space. It is edgy, fresh, and multifunctional.

Bathroom Accessories Seattle

5. Update your bathroom fixtures

Give your entire space an upgrade! You may start with your vanity. Give it personality, and dress it up with a new faucet. You may also redo the whole sink with a unique pattern and design. You may also be stylish with these options: polished chrome or copper, brushed nickel or bronze, and even brass or matte black. 

And, if you are not still ready to upgrade and invest in a new vanity zone, swap it out with black, golden or white drawer pulls. This will surely give your bathroom a brand-new look. Make sure to go for a modern, sleek feel with a bar pull to personality and color to the entire space.    

Then, move all your hardware up and storage onto the wall. This would make it easier to clean the whole zone.  

Aside from the walls, A makeover on your tub’s color will also give off a fresh look.

Having a hard time looking for the right decor inside your bathroom? You will never go wrong with personal and subtle finishes. You may reuse utilities or you may upgrade - your choice! Just make sure every add-on refreshes your bathroom. And, if you would like, consider a more rustic design and add shabby-chic interior accessories on the whole space. There are plenty of decors to choose from, just get your renovation and revamping on play!

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